Photo of Sara Taft
Sara Taft is a transformational counselor, astrologer, artist and author. Her broad spiritual journey first began with a deep interest in education and the humanities. She received a B.A in English and Social Relations from Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles and later a M.A in Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. For years Sara studied the roots, history and meaning of the language of astrology – amplified and enriched by her corresponding study of Carl Jung.

In her practice, Sara uses art and dream to engage healing and guidance. She sees the birth-chart as a map, inherent with images that unfold throughout one’s life. She believes that an image is worth a thousand words and offers amazing guidance. Making her own art she calls upon her imagination and dreams for personal healing. All of this started when her mother died and art unexpectedly popped up in her life to help with her grief. In the 90’s she was a co-founder of the art gallery T.A.G.

In the late nineties a serious disease made a turn both in the quality and depth of Sara’s journey. It led her on an unfamiliar healing path that revealed the power of the sacred feminine, her need to surrender and the miracle of a successful liver transplant. Adding author to her list of accomplishments, she recounts her experience in a tender memoir, Mary Magdalene Shaman: Awakening to the Indigenous Christian Soul.

Sara lives in Los Angeles where she continues to paint, offer astrological consultation, and participates in group dream work. She has two daughters and a son and seven grandchildren.

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