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"Your painting are very rich. Each one speaks of such depth and connection to the energy of Mary Magdalene. I also underlined so many passages but two in particular struck me – one was your definition of Freedom – I needed to hear that. And the other was the definition of a contemplative. Thank you so much for both of those."

- Kat M.

"Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing." - Julia Cameron

In the year 2000, after I had my miraculous liver transplant and was awakened to the mysteries of death and rebirth. This amazing spiritual emergence led me to discover and embrace the full significance and healing power of Mary Magdalene. After a pilgrimage to France a year later, my heart caught on fire seeing her painted on church walls, enormous statues of her in places of worship, like Chartres Cathedral, and hearing stories of how she tended Jesus until his last breath. I discovered she was the faithful apostle.

Being in the early stages of healing, I chose to paint her from the many photos I had taken. Working intimately with each one, I saw her in depth from different angles and landscapes. With each brush stroke she revealed herself to me as my relationship with this holy woman healed my psyche and body.

The intention of these paintings is to introduce Magdalene to those who know little about her. My hope is the paintings, which capture how she was seen in early Christianity, reveal a much different story – one that has languished in the dark. The paintings acknowledge the widespread influence the Magdalene had in the founding of early Christianity later dismissed by the church fathers that were unwilling to share the power, wisdom and influence of the feminine. Instead, they labeled Magdalene a “penitent whore.”

My journey revealed to me that Magdalene is the hidden body and soul of the Christian religion. She returns now to bring new feminine waters to our parched worldview. She is a mediator between the human and the divine and offers the promise of a loving partnership between the masculine and feminine and the mystery of the unseen world. She lived this. She knew this. She was this. Is she the ‘feminine messiah?’ She is mine.

The universal dimension of the divine feminine has come through travel. Sara lived briefly with Australian Aboriginals, listened to chants and songs of the Celts, witnessed the majesty of Isis in Egypt, Demeter in Greece and walked the sacred ground at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. She discovered that beyond the outward differences of these traditions, there is a spiritual consciousness that is unfolding today on our planet. Besides her studies, her learning and wisdom is experiential.

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