Announcing a New Book!

Awakening to the Light: A Shamanic Journey to Mary Magdalene
by Sara Taft (Published Fall 2007)

Artist-Astrologer Sara Taft shares a modern shamanic journey with readers through her extraordinary personal story. Faced with a life-threatening disease, she reveals how Mary Magdalene came to her in a tent in Arizona while participating in a twelve-hour shamanic healing ceremony leading to a liver transplant.

Her story is interwoven with her exquisite paintings and narratives of Magdalene’s legendary life and her own personal experiences that bridge the ancient world of healing and Christian mysteries with a modern woman’s emergence as artist, healer, and visionary.

For Sara, love of the Divine Feminine has brought fresh meanings and interconnections to her God-given gifts of imagination, vision, and dream.

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Jan - Feb 2006
The Legendary Biography of Mary Magdalene
Paintings & Narratives

April 6th - May 7th with a Reception on Sunday April 8th 12-4pm
Sara’s 18 paintings will be on view
Cedar Centre Art Gallery

44857 N. Cedar Ave.
Lancaster, CA

May 7th 12-5 pm
Mary Magdalene: Restoring the Divine Feminine and Sacred Marriage
The Woman’s Club of Hollywood

1749 North La Brea, Hollywood
A few of Sara’s pieces will be featured here. We are thrilled that she has made contact and will be meeting leading researcher for The Da Vinci Code and Best-selling author, Margaret Starbird “The Woman with the Alabaster Jar,” and “Mary Magdalene: Bride in Exile.”

May 13th - June 30th
The Center for the Divine Feminine
The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
1069 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 493-4430
A lovely reception was held at the new center where studies of the divine feminine are taking
place. Sara spoke about her death and rebirth experience surrounding her miraculous liver
transplant and shared her perceptions of how Mary Magdalene is a modern model for healing.

July 20th – 23rd
Celebrating the Heart of Mary Magdalene
The Sophia Institute

26 Society Street
Charleston, SC 29401
Artists from all over the country displayed their paintings inspired by this theme. The
weekend explored the historic, mythic and divine nature of Magdalene. Two well known
authors were kekynote speakers, Sue Monk Kidd, author of “The Secret Lives of Bees” and
Margaret Starbird. Sara had two of her paintings included in the event.

Summer 2006
Finishing her last painting entitled “The Return of Sophia to our World”, Sara explores
the mythic ancestry of Magdalene emanating from Sophia, The Goddess of Wisdom. We
see Sophia’s cape embracing our world – enfolding it in love with the presence of the Divine
Feminine. Holding a cup with this presence, the dove of the holy spirit is above her head.
put photo “Return of Sophia” painting here that I e-mail you here)
(Under Summer 2006)

September 2006
The new book, “Secrets of Mary Magdalene” has just come out this fall. In it there is
an interview that Jennifer Doll did with Sara about healing and art. Check it out at for more detailed information. It is thrilling to see
the outstanding contributions by well known writers and scholars offering their perspectives
on this emerging woman who is both historical and inspires the religious and spiritual imagination. The book created by Dan Burnstein and Arne de Keijzer is available now from their website.

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